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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website look good to search engines, such as google and yahoo. It is absolutely essential for getting your website to gain the marketing results it needs to.

Keywords Rich Content
Keywords are the words that people commonly type into google to find businesses. For instance, someone looking for a hairdresser in Sydney might type ‘hairdresser sydney’ into google. We create content to optimize your site for based on the search terms and services your customers are most likely to look for you with.

Local Searches
Being at the top of a local search is really important. We optimize very specifically to make sure when people look for you in their suburb, you are one of the first things they see.

Statistics – Analytics
One of the most important things we do for you is give you feedback on how your optimization is going. We tell you which keywords are working hardest, and which could be better, and adjust your site based on those statistics.