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Graphic Design

We offer many graphic design packages. Graphics are an integral part of marketing your brand.


The main identifier of your brand is a strong logo. Our in house graphic designer will make sure that your logo not only looks amazing, but also give the right impression of your company to prospective customers. This is one of the building blocks of making sure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Social Media

Having a professional looking profile on social media is becoming ever more important to any marketing plan. Having a profile picture and cover photo for your facebook is a must and we can help you get a great looking page.

Print media

Not all marketing is done online. We can design business cards, brochures and flyers that fit with your online branding. Whatever you are promoting there we can help you get the best results possible from your campaign.


Designing eye catching banners is a great way to stand out in the marketplace. Our graphic designer will make sure that when people see your banner they take notice. For more information on the types of signs and banners we can design see our signage page.


Video content can be great for all sorts of marketing. From simple powerpoint style slideshows to product demonstrations and instructional videos, they keep people’s attention reinforcing your branding in their memory. Having a youtube channel is an excellent marketing tool.