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Why have a website?

A strong website is the foundation of finding your potential customers online. We are experienced in building many different types of websites, from small websites with only a few pages, to large eCommerce websites with hundreds of different products. We will make sure that the website we build for you will be the right solution to your marketing needs.

Designing my website

It’s important to make your website friendly to your users. We will work with you to find an aesthetic that you like, and that will give your customers the best experience possible. With a versatile design team we have a massive knowledge of design to draw upon to make sure this happens.

Search Engine Optimisation

A website shouldn’t just be friendly to your users though, it should also be friendly to search engines. Making sure your website is visible in search engines is a really important part of having a website. We have a proven track record on this count. For more information have a look at our Search Engine Optimisation Page.

Responsive Sites

Mobile phones, tablets and all sorts of other devices can access your website now, so it’s important to have a responsive website; one that will react to the device it is being viewed on. We do this for every website we build.

Social Media

Finally, we will make sure your site is integrated with social media, which is a must in today’s culture. Making your social network work for you is key in modern web marketing. We also offer social media management (see our social media management page). Having links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, Youtube and Pinterest are really important ways for your customers to find you.

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