Digital Marketing

WMA Webdesign is a digital marketing agency, helping local businesses to be more successful on the Internet. Our team of professional digital marketers and web designers have more than 25 years combined experience working in online marketing and advertising. With a history in advertising, marketing and business promotions we are online specialists with the specific skills and experience your business needs in the digital marketing industry.

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Website Design

Why have a website?

A strong website is the foundation of finding your potential customers online. We are experienced in building many different types of websites, from small websites with only a few pages, to large eCommerce websites with hundreds of different products. We will make sure that the website we build for you will be the right solution to your marketing needs.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website look good to search engines, such as google and yahoo. It is absolutely essential for getting your website to gain the marketing results it needs to.

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